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Arctic Smash by Benfont Ltd

06 Feb 2020 Game Of The Day

Arctic Smash by Benfont Ltd

by Xeno Gaming LLC

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  • Arctic Smash by Benfont Ltd
  • Arctic Smash by Benfont Ltd
  • Arctic Smash by Benfont Ltd
  • Arctic Smash by Benfont Ltd
  • Arctic Smash by Benfont Ltd

Put on your gear and hit the slopes with Arctic Smash! With a ton of exciting and fun content this is THE game to download right now!

You’ll have an amazing range of different game features to chose from. Wanna ski, snowboard or jump on a sled? Fancy hopping on a snowmobile and race down the mountains? There are day and night features, downhill and uphill modes, lots of levels or an infinite chill runner mode… and so much more ….! Slalom around obstacles down the snowy hills, dive past giant snowballs and beware of the slippy stuff! Anything goes, as long as you get to bottom!

Your friendly arctic mascots will guide you through an easy and fun tutorial to help you.

Arctic Smash is equipped with sharp and responsive controls, as well as dynamic tap gameplay, which is easy to follow and learn, making this a game for truly everyone. This game may look easy, but is definitely tricky to master!

Main features:

  • Fun and easy tutorial
  • Stage or Downhill Chill mode
  • Daytime and Nighttime levels
  • Downhill or Uphill challenges
  • Exciting range of player modes
  • Multiple levels for different skills
  • Simple touch and drag controls
  • High quality graphics
  • Stunning landscapes
  • Game Centre enabled
  • Atmospheric professional soundtrack
  • Multiple language selection – English, French and Spanish!‚Äč

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