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Arctic Wolf Family Simulator

12 Nov 2023 Game Of The Day

Arctic Wolf Family Simulator

by TingBing Gaming

  • Arctic Wolf Family Simulator
  • Arctic Wolf Family Simulator
  • Arctic Wolf Family Simulator
  • Arctic Wolf Family Simulator

Alas! While migrating towards the arctic biome a wolf kid lost from his pack. No one knows how this polar wolf baby survives in unacceptable situations. 

Imagine the life of an alone wolf kid in freezing weather and you are surrounded by wild animals. Explore snow-covered mountains to search for food and protect yourself from the dangerous animals in this Arctic Wolf Family Simulator. Catch the snow rabbits and drink water for living in this snow jungle quest game. 

Arctic Wolf Family Simulator specially designed for the snow wolf games and wolf family games fans. Maintain your health and stamina by drinking water and eating food. Search your home and wolf mate, increase your snow wolf family. Make battle with elephant, lion, and rhino etc, protect your snow wolf breed. Fabulous snow environment made this wolf kid game addictive.

Game Play:

Get ready to play the role of snow bear and solve the interesting arctic jungle quests in Arctic Wolf Family Simulator. Choose your favorite arctic wolf to play the wolf family game. Being a wolf kid, hide yourself from the wild animals and hunt the rabbits for living in frozen biome. Find your new home for living and search your mate in snow jungle. Enlarge your snow wolf breed and fight with the angry animals like, lion, rhino, and elephants etc. In this animal game, destroy the massive rock with your attacking skills that’s blocks your home. Complete all challenging tasks to get more points in this wolf survival game so that you can unlock the other beautiful wild polar wolf. 

Arctic Wolf Family Simulator Features:

• Select your favorite snow wolf to play
• Enjoy the role of snow wolf in frozen biome
• Lot of snow jungle quest to solve
• Hunt rabbits and battle with other angry animals
• Maintain your health and stamina

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