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Area 51 Escape: Raid of The Area 51

12 Oct 2019 Game Of The Day

Area 51 Escape: Raid of The Area 51

by Mobiman

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  • Area 51 Escape: Raid of The Area 51
  • Area 51 Escape: Raid of The Area 51
  • Area 51 Escape: Raid of The Area 51
  • Area 51 Escape: Raid of The Area 51

Yes! The day has arrived, finally, we are in the Area 51. Join the area 51 raid and enjoy an ambush escape endless run where you are constantly under attack from aliens and militaries. After all, you raided the Area 51 unlawfully and they are trying to catch you and lock you down.
Can you escape from the Area 51 and the invasion of aliens and military?
Try now!

Area 51 Escape is invading run and jump area 51 game in which you play a character that intruded the Area 51. After you discover aliens and military protecting the area, you are a treat that needs to be taken down. The aliens are running behind you and the army are trying to catch you, avoid them. 
Show great reaction and jump skills in the area 51 run – only the most skillful will successfully avoid obstacles!

You are not alone! There are a lot of cool characters that also invaded the area 51. Collect coins to unlock these characters and get the best high score. In the area 51 jumper only the ones that perform well under pressure and when under attack will succeed. 

▪ storm area 51 games
▪ escape from the invasion
▪ endless runner gameplay
▪ cool graphic art
▪ dangerous enemies – aliens and military
▪ collect coins
▪ use coins to different characters
Will you successfully escape the area 51 ambush?
Try this super-fun ambush escape area 51 endless run!
Download this area 51 game now for free!

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