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Army Frontline SSG Commando Shooting

03 Mar 2018 Game Of The Day

Army Frontline SSG Commando Shooting

by Abdullah Zahid

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  • Army Frontline SSG Commando Shooting
  • Army Frontline SSG Commando Shooting
  • Army Frontline SSG Commando Shooting

Being a frontline Commando, you are the last hope for World’s peace is in danger and the war is broken in various parts of the world. A new terrorist group has attacked different parts of your battlefield and wage war against US military commando. Killing thousands of innocent people and making them slaves. You as the sole SSG Frontline Commando shooter in the area, have to stop them and defend the frontline Commando of US military. Renegade Yalghaar operation battleground against these terrorists and end this war once for all. US military commando use your skills to survive and avenge your fallen elite commandos and soldiers. Play US military this commando shooting game and prove yourself as a real last hope for your city.

Army Frontline Commando SSG Shooting is a first-person shooting game in which you have to clear the area from terrorists. You got an arsenal of weapons in the shop which you can unlock easily. This Army commando shooting action game has 8 different maps of battlefield to perform a counter terrorist’s operation. Every map contains 16 different levels and the difficulty increases with the completion of each level. The number of terrorist increases in the battlefield and the damage they deal also increases. Be careful while defending the city as frontline Commando because these terrorists are well equipped like US military commando and fully trained and can deal a lot of damage. 

Maps are unlocked by completing all war levels or operations on a single battlefield map. As US military commando you complete all war operations of battlefield and new map will be unlocked. You got 20 different FPS shooting weapons which can be unlocked easily. Weapons included are: M4, AK 47, G3, Sniper, Machine Gun, Pistols, Short Guns, Knife, Sword, Hammer, axes and much more. All weapons are fully automatic and we have also included the auto-fire feature in this game. So just aim at the target terrorist and your gun will fire automatically, you don’t have to tap every time for shooting. The 3D graphics are amazing in this FPS commando shooting game. You will face no lag as this game is fully optimized, also you can lower the graphics from the setting. The controls are smooth which help in moving around in this 3D FPS maps and hunt down these terrorists. Your SSG Commando shooter got a mini-map which is a really useful feature; you can easily locate terrorists using this map and plan your Yalghaar SSG Frontline Commando shooter operation accordingly.

Army Frontline Commando Shooting Features:
• Amazing 3D graphics.
• 8 different FPS maps with 16 different levels each.
• More than 20 different Army weapons to use.
• One of the best FPS shooting game.
• Sound effects which make game play more enjoyable.
• Smooth controls for movement and aim.
• Mini map to locate enemy on the map.
• Auto-fire assistant to easily down the terrorist.

Army Frontline Commando and SSG Commando Shooting is a FPS shooting game. US military commando has to fight in battlefield with terrorists. As a frontline commando you have to face these enemies alone in the battlefield which started in your city and has to defend the city attack as frontline Commando. In this US military commando combat mission you have to be careful because these terrorists are well trained and smart they can attack back on you. For completing this mission, you have to do counter strike against your enemies In the battlefield then you can complete your mission and can win the game.

Become a Special Services Group member of US military commando and complete Yalghaar Commando operation heroically and gain your honor In the US military. Download this FPS Army Frontline Commando Shooting and don’t forget to provide us your valuable feedback, so that we improve in future.

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