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ASMR Artist!

07 Jun 2023 Game Of The Day

ASMR Artist!

by creative spartans

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  • ASMR Artist!
  • ASMR Artist!
  • ASMR Artist!

Enjoy one the most amazing & brain melting ASMR experiences in your mobile device including oddly satisfying ASMR role play simulations to give your eyes and brain some relaxing & tingling sensation. Tons of ASMR challenges including ASMR eating, asmr makeup, satisfying crunchy sounds, scratching of surfaces, slime simulations, mukbang, cracking crushing & popping sounds with gentle triggers and most eye pleasing & ticklish effects that even give goosebumps at times. Keep auto play mode on to see these triggers like ASMR videos, volume & speed control for extra ASMR effects, achieve your ASMR meter to unlock new activities. Enjoy this amazing ASMR app for the most gentle, soothing and relaxing triggers today.

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