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Baby Ava Daily Activities

04 Aug 2021 Game Of The Day

Baby Ava Daily Activities

by GameiMake

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  • Baby Ava Daily Activities
  • Baby Ava Daily Activities
  • Baby Ava Daily Activities
  • Baby Ava Daily Activities
  • Baby Ava Daily Activities
  • Baby Ava Daily Activities

Baby Ava Daily Activities is a game about learning activities of our day to day life. This game is a collection of many activities with fun tasks, which are necessary in our regular life. In this Daily Routine Activities game, there is cute and little baby Ava who requires your help to complete her daily routine activities. There are so many routine activities which are not easy for Baby Ava like proper washing of hands and face, brushing teeth, taking a bath, cutting nails, doing hair, dressing up, eating healthy food, maintaining cleanliness, maintaining sleep time and many more. 

This famiy educational game covers all the activities we do in our routine life. So become a babysitter in this baby care game and help baby Ava to complete these activities in a proper way and don't make her cry. This game helps Family to learn quickly daily activities with lots of fun.

Key Features of Baby Ava Daily Activities game:

- Quick learning game for Family
- Manners of routine activities
- Over 40+ daily activities
- Maintaining cleanliness
- Watch Ava with different moods and expressions
- Read and enjoy Bedtime stories
- Know How to eat food properly
- Family learn everything with fun in this daycare game
- Entertainment with Ava

Help your Family by giving them such a wonderful learning game that teach them, how to do their daily life activities and baby Ava will entertain them for hours.

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