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Backgammon Pro

15 Oct 2018 Game Of The Day

Backgammon Pro

by Uv Can

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Backgammon is one of the games in existence, alongside Go and Chess. It is probably about 5,000 years old and may well have originated in what today is Iraq—previously Mesopotamia. Recent evidence supporting this was found when these very early dice (made of human bones) were discovered in the area.
It's skill and strategy game.

*** Features ***
-- Strong and Smart Backgammon AI
-- 3 Difficulty boards with different dices graphics.
-- Roll and play.
-- Designed for all android versions.
--Daily Bonus and hourly bonus available for users,Also on facebook login user have add extra chips.
--There is fabulous sound effect plus, backgammon is worldwide oldest board game.
--Also Leader board is added for compete to other worldwide player.Google play center is helping to find out top players.
-Tavla board game with special offers avail & Board game with different boot amounts table available.
--User can customize your profile picture / name details etc.Also see statistic for played/won/percentage ration etc.

*** Skills ***
-Improve your skill as well as backgammon playing practice to sharpen your mind.

*** Extra ***
Backgammon Pro is easy and calmly entertaining addictive game. game also known asTavla | ΤΑΒΛΙ | Tavla | ששבש | 十五子棋 | нарды | Gamão | طاولة الزهر.

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