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Ball Rise Up-Tap & Bounce

Ball Rise Up-Tap & Bounce

by World of Web

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  • Ball Rise Up-Tap & Bounce
  • Ball Rise Up-Tap & Bounce
  • Ball Rise Up-Tap & Bounce

Rise Up Dot Ball Bounce is an addictive casual arcade style bounce up ball & bounce switch game. Just tap the screen to bounce the ball upwards and go through various obstacles in this fun game. Wait for the right moment before moving through obstacles. Get new obstacles to bounce though every time. Enjoy the switch fun & games environment. Climb & rise up is a patience game. An addictive brain puzzle game to make your reflex actions sharper. Playing Rise offline up is like playing a brain development game. Play this addictive Tap Ball Bounce game and de stress yourself at the end of a grinding day.
In this game you need to build tap skills like focus and control. So, focus on the bouncy ball and make your move at the right moment to pass through the obstacles in various shapes and sizes. This game has some cool color flip fun. It’s a dot jump game, where you need to keep moving or go bust. Rise Up Dot Ball Bounce is an awesome bouncy adventure and ball bounce puzzle.
Control the bouncing dot or bouncing ball as you head towards the finish. It’s one of the most interesting bouncing ball games. Play and enjoy this bouncer ball game anytime offline.
How to play dot & ball
Tap on the screen to bounce the ball upwards, if you don’t, the ball can fall and it’s game over in this ball n bounce
Cross challenging obstacles, tap faster to move fast or slower to hang in the balance
Unlock more types of dots and items can be unlocked by collecting more stars while bouncing the ball upwards.
Once you have earned enough stars. Simply tap on the lock icons on the main screen to unlock more types of balls to play with.
Use the tap switch motion to move through the circles or other shapes and dodge obstacles
Bounce Up Ball Features:
Totally addictive endless bounce ball game
Different types of obstacles to bounce through
Unlock different types of awesome dots
Offline game, no WiFi or data required
Cool graphics with fun gameplay
An awesome casual game with no time limits with tap tap ball game
Get ready for an addictive bounce ball game adventure and a visually stunning gaming experience. Take your bouncy ball through different obstacles by timing your bounce right. It’s one of the best ball bounce games with challenges to keep you engaged.

A totally immersive and enjoyable bounce ball experience. Regular updates and new levels add to the excitement, ensuring that you'll always have new challenges to overcome. Master different strategies with your super bouncy ball. This bouncer ball game is perfect for gamers of all skill sets. Join the millions of players in this super bouncy ball adventure. Prepare for some awesome bouncing ball fun & games and tap ball game.

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