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Ball Run

Ball Run

by Alexander93

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Many people interested in games with the passage of barriers.If you are not an exception, the game BallRun will definitely entice you in their world.

This game requires you to maximum concentration, speed and reflexes.At the same time, the music will help you to be in harmony with a variety of locations in the game.

The aim of the game is to overcome different barriers in three locations and set the maximum number of points.

How to play? Control the flight of a soccer ball a single click on the screen.Run through barriers, avoiding collision with them! Move forward and make records.

• Easy management of single clicks.
• A variety of worlds.( field, beach and atmosphere)
• Musically synchronized gameplay: each level (world) has its own sound effects, ball control, passing barriers or collision with them will be accompanied by appropriate sounds.
• Barriers in every level are fundamentally different from the previous level.
• Test speed and reflexes.

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