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16 Jun 2020 Game Of The Day


by Ballooned

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Are you searching for a new balloon pop matching puzzle? 🤔

A color tap balloon popper that also has glimpses of adventure?

Welcome to Ballooned ðŸŽˆ the exciting balloon pop & color match puzzle where you need to tap and match the balloons of the same color to pop them. Connect balloons, form loops, and crush them to collect coins.


For lovers of balloon games, this color match game will get you hooked fast. With a fun design, innovative gameplay, relaxing sounds, and simple tap controls, you need to think fast and match the same colored balloons to get them to pop. Connect the balloons of the same color and crush them!


In this matching puzzle & color tap game, you can form loops by connecting balloons of the same color as the balloons come from the top. A variety of strategic & mind-teasing levels will heavily test your skills. Each level has a different goal of balloons you need to pop. Reach the goal before you run out of moves to complete each level and get to the next even more exciting one in this tap balloon pop & match tap game.


Get power-ups as you progress in this matching puzzle such as bombs, lightning, move, and time freeze to get you through levels when you’re stuck. Earn scores for completing each level and collect coins that can be used in the shop of this balloon tap game for buying more lives, moves, and power-ups. How long can you go in this fly ballon popper?


▪️ Easy and fun to play with simple tapper controls
▪️ Crisp graphics and relaxing soundtrack
▪️ Pop the balloons by matching 3 or more
▪️ Form loops by connecting balloons of the same color
▪️ Variety of balloon match 3 levels
▪️ Limited moves in each balloon mania level
▪️ Balloon bursting power-ups
▪️ Get scores and collect coins
▪️ Game shop for a variety of boosters
Match balloons of the same color and pop them to complete levels and win scores.
Get Ballooned – the new thrilling tap balloon pop quest!

▶️Download this riveting balloon pop puzzle NOW!

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