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BAM!: A card game for players

19 Mar 2020 Game Of The Day

BAM!: A card game for players

by Dark Horse Digital Pty Ltd

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  • BAM!: A card game for players
  • BAM!: A card game for players
  • BAM!: A card game for players
  • BAM!: A card game for players
  • BAM!: A card game for players

2019 Indigo Award winner - Mobile Games


A FREE trick-taking Card Game by Dark Horse Digital Pty Ltd .


Just like classic, trick-taking card games of old BAM! will entertain and challenge you for hours. BAM! is your new Must-have App.


Download and install it directly on to your Android device.


Play the Standard card game level and pay the Pot amount, where a static trump suit will ease you into things. Shed cards to win Rounds in an effort to win the Hand.


Win all Hands to complete the Level.


Complete all Levels to win the Game!


Want to win? You betcha! Wanna be in the next Round? You can! Keep your eye on the Pot at the end of each Round and WATCH your points grow. 


Win the most Rounds? You COLLECT the Pot!


Win a single Round? It's still GAME-ON!


Win NO Rounds. Uh-oh! You're 'BamBoozalled'. PAY the POT and repeat the Hand!


Do some serious point-scoring and Hands down, you could be the next big thing!




An Incremental Pot Amount


At the start of a Hand, both players compete for a pre-determined ‘Pot’ amount; an amount submitted by both players. The Pot may gradually increase or become quite sizeable if a player gets ‘BamBoozalled’.


3 – 6 Rounds per Hand


These are determined by the number of cards a player is dealt in a Level. Different (and less) cards give players different Hand possibilities and outcomes.


10 Hands per Level


Every Level has a different Player to pit your card-playing skills against in 10 incremental Hands.


10 Levels


That's 100 games or 580 Rounds!


3 Opponent Types


A different number of cards together with different opponent types can lead to some UNEXPECTED outcomes. Play BAM! to find out how.


OPTIONAL In App Purchases


Unlock Levels


Stuck on a level? Watch a video to unlock the next level and come back to that pesky one later.


Feel'in free-spirited?  Get NO TRUMPS games!


The player who starts first in a Hand, or wins a Round CHOOSES the trump suit by playing their card of choice. We promise you, this No Trumps IAP won't break the bank.


If your opponent doesn't have the trump suit, you automatically win the Round AND get to choose the trump for the next Round.


Want MORE? Get TIMED games!


In a Timed Game, you compete against an opponent AND the clock. It’s designed to keep you on your toes!




Player v Player


More Levels


More Bonus Features


Love BAM! already?


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