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Basketball Shoot

Basketball Shoot

by Play3rs

  • Basketball Shoot
  • Basketball Shoot

In this basketball shooting game, you have 3 chances to shoot the ball into the basket. The more you win, the more difficult it gets!

In basketball, there are many varieties of shots. As for the different types of passes, there are a number of them. We detail them below:

The jump shot

The jump shot is one of the most popular forms of shooting in the world. It is a classic in the NBA. With his body balanced, his back straight, the shooter rises into the air and releases his dart when he reaches the highest point of his jump. Among professional basketball players, most three-point shots are taken this way. The most elite shooters are specialists in this.

The Fadeaway

The fadeaway consists of shooting while jumping backwards. For the attacker, it allows him to create a distance with his defender. This makes it more difficult for the defender to repel his opponent's attempt. However, the shooter is not completely advantaged in this situation. Indeed, he is forced to try his chance in imbalance. This makes his task more complicated to score. The German Dirk Nowitzki mastered this technique to perfection. He was the master in this field on the NBA and international floors.

The arm roll

Spread in the world of basketball by the legendary Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, the arm roll is a technique rather reserved for tall players. It is also known as "skyhook". When he is within a few feet of the circle, the ball carrier fires a one-handed bell shot. Very difficult to counter by defenders, this form of shooting meets a lot of success with strong wingers and pivots when it is mastered.

The step back

This is the most effective way to create your own shot when a defender is sticking to the attacker's skin. The ball carrier makes a few dribbles before suddenly taking a step back or to the side to get rid of his opponent. Once the advantage is taken, all he has to do is shoot.

The Layup

The most basic way to score, the layup (or double-step) is a fundamental part of basketball. It is the shot that is taught first in all basketball schools. The forward drives to the hoop, takes two successive steps without dribbling, and then shoots the ball with or without the help of the backboard, depending on his or her skill level.

The lay-back

Instead of making a simple lay-up, the attacker will pass under the board to realize a double step "reversed". In this situation, the shooter has his back to the circle. This action is very effective if the path to the circle is not clear on one side and totally free on the other.

The finger-roll

The finger-roll is a variant of the lay-up. Except that in no case, the attacker uses the board to score. He uses his fingertips to give the ball an impulse. This one has only to pierce the nets in a vertical way.

The euro step

A high class offensive action, the euro step is a greatly improved double step. Only the fastest and most technically advanced basketball players are able to do it without too much risk. The attacker eliminates an interfering defender by taking a step to the right and then another to the left (or vice versa). To conclude the action, the scorer usually puts the ball in the circle without touching the ring or by dunking.

The dunk

Offensively, this is the most efficient shot to score. The ball carrier will dunk the ball in the circle with one or two hands. Of course, a dunk attempt can be knocked down in the battle in the air. However, not everyone has the ability to rise above the circle. Another term used for a dunk is the dunk. This is the kind of action that brings the crowd to its feet.

There are a lot of ways to shoot basketball, it's up to you to find your own way to beat the record in this game!

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