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Battle Breakers : Battle Royale

18 Apr 2020 Game Of The Day

Battle Breakers : Battle Royale

by Mobiman

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  • Battle Breakers : Battle Royale
  • Battle Breakers : Battle Royale
  • Battle Breakers : Battle Royale
  • Battle Breakers : Battle Royale
  • Battle Breakers : Battle Royale
  • Battle Breakers : Battle Royale

Choose your Hero for Fight for survival in an epic PVP multiplayer Battle Royale Game. The perfect casual shooting and Sword fighting survival game of 5v5 team battle. Its a fantastic nonstop action multiplayer shooting game.

Run, Dodge, Slice and shoot your opponent team enemies with upgraded guns, weapons, rockets and bombs. Master your timing and make maximum kill score to win. Connect with friends and make your custom team to take down your brawl with other players.

Battle Breakers : Battle Royale, Features the following :

- Real Time Multiplayer Battle 5v5, to win the title of battle lands.
- Battle Royale style top down shooter gameplay
- 12 Wide Range of strike force heroes to choose for your battle
- 2 Types of Gameplay : realtime PVP (Team vs Team) and Team vs Zombie
- 15 varieties of Guns and Swords with unique Fire power and strength with super abilities and upgrades.
- 5 Player designed Maps : Village Badlands, Apocalyptic City, Mysterious Forest, Desert Ruins and Evergreen Farm.
- Friends Team up to battle opponents and zombies
- Climb Leaderboards and unlock Achievements to upgrade items and win loot crates for free.

You can make friends and challenge them for a online battle, show them whose the boss. Use your tactical skillset to collect all respawnable items on the map and use it to your advantage and defeat enemy. Chat with friends to plan your Strategy for fast paced battle royale in the world chat section.

Choose survival gameplay like Zombie mode, Dead Skeleton Army or Mystical Beasts to fight to survive various strong waves of enemy army with your team and become the ultimate brawl hero of this top down shooter game. Also get daily quest challenges to complete and get rewards, upgrade rank and increase Hero skill.

So dive in today to play Battle Breakers : Battle Royale. Also, under our Terms of Service and Privacy Policy, you must be at least 13 years of age to play or download.

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