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Battle Forces

03 Aug 2023 Game Of The Day

Battle Forces

by Full HP Ltd

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Battle Forces is a realistic shooter in unique cyperbunk set. Choose your hero and start battle! Play online with players worldwide. Arm, get a gun, attack!


- intensive pvp 4х4 and 5x5
- TEAM BATTLE! Collect your team of shooters
- Leagues! Become a legend of Battle Forces


- Special abilities for each hero
- Life stories! These guys are not simple combat troops, they are charismatic persons
- Upgrade account, improve ops


- huge arsenal! Pistols, machine guns, rifles, grenades. 
- Modify weapons! Improve your firepower with dozens of additional Silencers, sights, flash hiders! 
- Skins for guns! Make guns bright & strong! 


- highly detailed world in cyberpunk style
- maps from classic to futuristic
- destructible objects
- eye-catching details 

Take part in exciting battles, develop tactics, fight!!!

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