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Beat The War

Beat The War

by BoosterGames

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Beat The War is a free, simple, action , causal and addictive game where your mission is to dodge all homing missiles to survive in game as long as you can.
Face the challenges of unique missions with many spaceship. Gain boosts from daring tricks and collect Gems to upgrade your spaceship and reach even higher distances.

Get ready for a new season of top-quality action and arcade game.
Ready to start the action? 
The only thing you need to do is to use joystick to turn or move your spaceship in the space to avoid obstacles like angry missiles and big and small asteroids.

With simple gameplay, smooth controls and great physics, travel around the space and play against different enemy likes missiles , asteroids, burning asteroids. Are you up for the challenge?

Will you be able to clear these simple-looking but actually difficult stages?.
Each time you strike with obstacles , one life will be lose.
You will get 3 lives in the gameplay.
Put your strategy skills to the test!
Any time situation can be tough and keep your attention active.
Lots of animations that make it's look.
Many powers like shields and speedy , gain lives are there to make your journey more powerful in order to save the world.
Uniquely and awesome graphics.
Strong sound effects and music.
FREE addictive time-management game!
Fun and attractive theme.
Beautiful and colorful greetings for the users.
Navigation helper are there to give you direction for collecting powers.
Control the plane with joystick and avoid the missiles. Make them crash with each other and collect diamonds.
Avoid and escape from obstacles like asteroid , burning asteroids.
Unlock and upgrades your planes.
Complete each mission coming in your way.
This is the war between your spaceships and angry missiles and other weapons to survive as long as you can in the space.
Your ship or plane is in danger and you have to save the your spaceship to save the world.
Challenge will come on every stage.
Uniquely interesting Obstacles like Orion, Burning planets, small and big asteroids will be danger for your survival in the game.
Flexible thinking is going to become the key to victory.
Addictive and classic adventure game.
Space Theme
Make right move at the right time will let to survive in the game.
Challenge yourself and try to beat them all.
Lots of Missions to be complete in the game which have never ending fun.
Compete with other players on Google Play Leaderboards.
Lots of Achievements to be unlocked and accomplished in the game.
Share your victory with your friends and competitors using different social media.

Game Features : 

- Addictive arcade game-play.
- Use Joystick to controls your plane.
- Hard to master
- Collect diamonds to score higher and unlock new planes.
- Collect Shield, speed boost, gain life power-ups to make this adventurous game more 
- Avoid obstacles like asteroid, burning asteroids.
- Space Theme.
- Make the missiles collide with each other to increase final score;
- This is one of the best challenging flying plane game that offers you an unique game 
play. Your plane is chased by a lot of missiles. Use your propeller planes to escape from 
the space attacks as far as you can!
- Lots of Achievements to be accomplished in the game.
- Challenge yourself and try to beat them all;
- Complete mission objectives
- Stunning graphics!
- Amazing sound effects!

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