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BERSERK – Play to Earn NFT Card Game

15 Dec 2021 Game Of The Day

BERSERK – Play to Earn NFT Card Game

by Berserk Vulcanites Unleashed

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  • BERSERK – Play to Earn NFT Card Game

Summon mighty creatures and unleash brutal spells as you duel to earn PYR and defeat champions in Berserk® - Vulcan Forged’s Play to Earn NFT Card Game!


Berserk® is steeped in strategies, powerful interactions, and stellar fantasy art as a turn-based collectible card game. The cards are varied, as creatures and powerful spells – with each duel treating you with a variety of new plays. Plus, the gameplay never stales as you dive into regular card battles, try out the deck builder and duel online to gain ELO points and PYR:

  • Berserk equips you with Hadean and celestial decks of creatures and spell cards. Each of them has its own ability and purpose or even attributes designed to enable your plays.


  • As a blockchain card game, you begin slinging cards in duels using neutrals from starter packs or NFT cards from quadrant decks. They form your primary forms of attack and defense as you play online or against AI Bots.


  • Summoning these cards from your hand requires you to expend LAVA crystals in-game – which scale progressively and refill after each turn.


  • Your Vulcanite hero is susceptible to all sorts of damage inflicted during each onslaught on the battlefield, and you must defend them from your rival. Your options get divvied up between either defeating your opponent’s champion or slaying their forces till you’ve won the duel.

And even if you’re not trading cards, you can still play to earn while relying on a host of warriors and hexes to win you ranked matches. Because pretty soon, you’ll be adapting to the meta and changing your playstyle as you start slinging cards and begin crypto gaming.

Turn-Based CCG Game for Greenhorns and Veterans

The multiplayer experience in Berserk is built to adapt and develop around each strategy gamers’ skill levels and experience. With the ELO system in play, veterans of strategy collectible card games and newcomers alike thus get matched based on their skill. This ensures a fair and competitive gameplay experience, allowing you to learn and start playing to earn PYR at a smart pace.

Adapt for Card Battles as you Customize

The realm of Berserk is home to scores of creatures, fiends, and spells – ready to be recruited and employed for your champion’s aid. And veterans of trading card games and novices alike can learn to switch up their game experience by using the deck builder to customize their forces. Coupled with powerful combos and interactions, you can adapt to different card battles while switching decks on the fly.

Explore Berserk’s Collectible Card Game Features:

  • RANKED AND COMPETITIVE. Duel against players online with equally matched MMR as Berserk’s ELO ranking system drives you to compete against the best. Or set your hands as you practice and play matches against the blockchain game’s AI Bot.


  • SUMMON CARDS WITH LAVA. Spend Lava crystals you receive in-game every turn to summon creature cards and spells from your hand to the battlefield.


  • DISCOVER NEW STRATEGIES. Exploit spells and creature attributes as you use the right abilities to defend your champion and defeat your rivals – customizing your hand with the game’s deck builder as you proceed.


  • PLAY IN CUSTOM LOBBIES. Apart from playing ranked duels online, you can also play 1v1s against your friends or foes while crypto gaming. Create custom rooms or join one as you continue to play.


  • WIN PRIZES AND REWARDS. Participate in NFT giveaways and custom events to win cards of different rarities. All while receiving LAVA drops for duels and online matches as you play to earn PYR.

As a blockchain card game, Berserk’s home to myriad game mechanics and interactions – keeping your duels balanced and each match unique. And once you’ve mastered your style of playing trading card games, you can also achieve winning streaks while you play to earn in this CCG. So download it to your device now, play a few rounds of the blockchain game Berserk and begin crypto gaming.


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