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Best Dad In The World

15 Sep 2020 Game Of The Day

Best Dad In The World

by GameiMake

  • Best Dad In The World
  • Best Dad In The World
  • Best Dad In The World
  • Best Dad In The World
  • Best Dad In The World
  • Best Dad In The World
  • Best Dad In The World

Welcome to the amazing happy family. We all know that Dad gives the best foundation to the baby. In this game, There are lots of activities like pregnancy time, baby care, dad's office, father's day in school, beach enjoyment, kid's fun, dad's little helper, sign of best dad and many more. 

During pregnancy time all father need to perform is some caring activities like breathing 
exercise of wife, food cravings of wife, baby love, funny compensation and many more. After the baby is born and husband become a father and that time every father need to do some baby caring task like stop crying baby, making some fun to change the mood of the baby, going on a baby ride, teaching baby walk, baby swinging, etc. Now let's have some fun in dad's office and playing the amazing game on dad's computer. After that, its time to spend some quality time with your best father and doing some exciting activities like going for a morning walk, eating breakfast, playing a video game, watching a movie, enjoying the long drive and much more. Now kid wants to go to a beach with his dad and do some enjoyment like beach walking and making a sand castle. After that, they are going in kid's fun zone and playing amazing games like ring toss and balloon shooting. After completing a fun zone dad train his son about some house repairing tasks like constructing the wall, repair a tree house & fencing and watering plant. Move on to the signs of best dad, A good father always give some general knowledge about the life and teaches some things like staying away from the stranger, mealtime conversation, gave your best in sports, helping hand, appropriate punishment & accept your mistake, don't be violent. This story has some twisted like when a mom is not a home then dad need to handle some baby caring responsibilities like feed a baby, baby story time, manage office work & baby both.

Features :-

- Various types of cleaning and baby caring activities.
- Available funny games for kids
- Celebrate a father's day in a school function
- Spend a quality time with your dad
- Perform some pregnancy caring activities
- Awesome beach enjoyment activities
- Perform all kids learning tasks

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