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Bible Crossword

30 Jun 2016 Game Of The Day

Bible Crossword

by Trevor Sinkala

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  • Bible Crossword
  • Bible Crossword
  • Bible Crossword

Enjoy playing Bible based crossword puzzles while you get edified! See how well you know the Bible!

With questions gathered from favorite and inspirational verses, historical accounts, Biblical characters (patriarchs, prophets, kings, judges, widows, prominent historical figures, heroes of faith, mighty men and women of valor, people with moral flaws, etc), the Gospels, the work of the Spirit, Jesus Christ, prophetic books, the reality and remedy for sin, grace and salvation, resurrection of the dead, Christian living, God's love, etc you will surely enjoy and be blessed.

- This app is like a Mustard seed. It's small in size (0.9MB) but comes hundreds of questions in the database
- Get extra questions by downloading them from our server. Simply press Menu -> Download more questions. There are 1000+ on the server
- Each puzzle is unique, randomly created every time you choose "New Puzzle"
- Has a custom Keypad that does not get in your way but gives a convenient way to read the puzzle questions even on small screens
- Multiple background colors (themes) to choose from
- Easy navigation through the questions
- The database has a mix of both simple and cryptic questions, questions for those new in the Christian faith and questions for mature in the faith

- Tap in the white boxes when you want to type answers. The currently active cell will be highlighted
- Tap in the empty space to hide the keypad. Click on the Menu to create a New Puzzle, Check Answers, change color themes and more
- To navigate through questions:
     * Click on the arrows at the far left or right of the questions or
     * Swipe on them with two fingers or
     * Swipe on them with one finger

May the __ of our Lord Jesus Christ be with you all. Amen. 2Thes 3:18; Rev 22:21

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