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Bike Stunt Attack Race 3D

Bike Stunt Attack Race 3D

by Montgomery Games 3D

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  • Bike Stunt Attack Race 3D
  • Bike Stunt Attack Race 3D
  • Bike Stunt Attack Race 3D
  • Bike Stunt Attack Race 3D
  • Bike Stunt Attack Race 3D

Bike Stunt Attack Race 3D is the latest bike racing game with real bike physics.

Bike Stunt Attack Race 3D is an addictive, dynamic and challenging bike racing and fighting game with different amazing environments and tracks for bike game lovers to enjoy ultimate experience of moto bike racing.

It is a combination of Racing and Shooting Game in which you satisfy your racing and shooting fever by beating opponents with kicks and punches. Shoot down any vehicle which is in your path during race to go faster and straight.

Perform stunts on the busy traffic roads at insane speed while avoiding different kinds of obstacles.

Game Modes
There are 3 types of modes in the game.

1- Checkpoint champion
In checkpoint champion mode, the player has to clear 5 checkpoints while avoiding obstacles, fighting the opponent bikers, performing stunts and shooting the cars.

2- Objective rider
In the objective rider mode, the moto racer has to survive 6 death defying trials in which player has to crash different number of bikes along with firing at cars to destroy different number of cars.

3- Extreme Race
In the objective rider mode, the moto rider has to destroy cars with guns and survive as long as possible while avoiding the hurdles on busy traffic roads, tunnels, and bridges as well.

Let’s play this exciting and realistic bike racing game to maximize the thrill of riding your bike at incredible fast speed through lush green, busy and stunning 3D city environments! Master every game mode and become a real bike racing champion.

Game Features:
* Attractive game graphics
* Dynamic game controls
* User friendly navigation and True-to-Life Bike Physics!
* Graphics optimized for all devices and tablets.
* High quality sound effects.

How to Play:
* Select bike from different amazing heavy sports and chopper bikes
* Tilt your device to control the movement of bike
* Tap Kick and Punch buttons to beat the opponents going away from you
* Collect different Pickups of Boost and Power
* Avoid from different obstacles and vehicles, gangsters coming towards you and gangsters on bike.

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