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Blocky Cars

29 May 2024 Game Of The Day

Blocky Cars

by Full HP Ltd

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Welcome to the creative world of Blocky Cars!
Blocky Cars is a car shooter with imaginative craft of war machines and explosive wars!
Jump into your armored car, plunge into the world of tanks & robot wars!. What’s your fav features in shooters? Be sure, we have them all!


- More than 90 blocks for craft!
Wheels, turbines, real tank tracks, sniper guns, turrets, walkers for war of robots and so on!

- Unique experience. Build anything you’ve ever dreamed to drive!
Like mechs? So create them! Fond of tanks? Feel free to build them! 

- Shop!
Vast choice of awesome cars, flying war machines, walking robots and more. Choose any to join tank wars!


- Worldwide multiplayer
- Classic deathmatch
- Capture the flag
- Team battle
- FPS mode. Get out of the armored car to show your rivals who's the boss!


- Skin editor. Choose a skin or draw it with a special editor
- Armor & cool guns for your pixel head
- Maps full of nice details created in 3D
- Up to 8 players on the map: hang out in chat, play together!

See you on the battlefield of Blocky Cars! We are driving war machines on blocky roads!

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