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Blocky Jail Break Escape Plan

Blocky Jail Break Escape Plan

by confun game

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  • Blocky Jail Break Escape Plan
  • Blocky Jail Break Escape Plan
  • Blocky Jail Break Escape Plan


Blocky Jail Break Escape Plan is new blocky prison game in gaming world where you spy different police officer and beat them with the help of different combos as well as escaping skills. Get ready for enormous and amazing blocky jail break which is full of action, thrilled and adventure. Now you have to cleverly idea your prison escape by fighting all dangerous Police officers and survive for your life in the city jail. Show your surviving skills and escape from city jail by playing this game. Beware from police dog which is move freely in the central prison.

Prison life is very much disturbed due to unforeseen reasons. Make a great escape plan from the cruel Cops along with two more friends from the central jail in Blocky jail break escape plan. Intelligently move in dark shadows and disappear from the city jail. Successfully complete all jail escape missions utilizing your super powers like martial arts fighting skills. Beware from security camera while escape your friends from city jail. Show your spy prison techniques which are help us to complete thrilling and challenging missions.


Blocky Jail Break Escape Plan is challenging game with thrilling gameplay where you play as blocky prison hero and your task is to escape from city jail along with partners. Choose your favorite weapons like guns, baton, teaser and claws these weapons help you to survive in jail break survival. Use your mind to make jail break plan and follow the step one by one to execute your plan successfully. Used your illegal plan and escape the most secured jail of the world. Be an escapist in the action blocky Jail Break game, kill anyone who see you otherwise he is gone sound the alarm and you will be dead. For your freedom make a good strategy and beware from police dogs who are patrolling in the central jail. Also Beware from laser cameras and fight with jail officers with the help of your fighting skills while playing this blocky game. In this blocky prison game, you have to break the jail & solve the password to escape from city jail. Don’t scared from the jailer and soldiers. Thrilling missions are ready to blast the break jail game with the help of your escaping skills as well as fighting techniques.

Blocky Jail Break Escape Plan Key Features:

• Play as blocky prison and make plan to escape
• Choose your favorite weapons to fight
• Beware from laser and security cameras
• Use your fighting powers to escape with friends
• Massive gameplay with intuitive controls
• High quality sounds and city jail environment
• 3D graphics and Challenging escape missions

This Blocky Jail Break Escape Plan is a challenging 3rd person escaping action game which is thrill to play. Every minute of the game is an utmost experience. Take down jail security officers and dodge the security cameras carefully while playing this action escape prison game. Sneak behind city cops and save your friend from central jail with the help of surviving skills. Enjoy outstanding levels and massive gameplay with intuitive controls to kill violent officers. Become blocky prison and ready to execute deadly escape missions by playing this action game.

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