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Bounce House Arrow

Bounce House Arrow

by UpDown

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Swing into a bounce house, breaking all the laws of gravity. Welcome to the Bounce House Arrow. 

Break and destroy all the blue lines get the best points to be in the top of the leaderboard, challenge your friends to become the best bouncer around, amaze your family, friends, and people with your score and have a good time with the game.

Bounce House Arrow makes you play for Infinite hours because of the interesting things inside the game like the power-ups that give you more advance in the game leading you as far as possible of enjoyment , defeat all the enemies.


Touch and hold the screen to move either left or right , break blue lines to get more points .
Run skyward and go up, and up, and up until there’s no more up to go, avoid gray arrow and the red ball that moves in a circle , earn more power-ups that make you invincible moving smoothly like a jelly, jump and break the blue line ,use the black walls to hop, watch out for all manner of obstacles and dastardly traps .

◄ Be careful !! Not to fall or touch any of enemies before eating power-ups.
◄ NOTE that in this bounce game there are more than 1000 ways to die so focus.

Bounce House Arrow is self-jumping game 
Simple to play 
Over +50 levels 
Speed up power-up
speed-Down power-up
more than 10 zigzag levels

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