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Bricks n' Bombs

17 Oct 2017 Game Of The Day

Bricks n' Bombs

by David Ruiz

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  • Bricks n' Bombs
  • Bricks n' Bombs
  • Bricks n' Bombs
  • Bricks n' Bombs
  • Bricks n' Bombs

Connect all bricks of same color and try to destroy full lines to get into the next level, all this before time runs out!

You can play in NORMAL mode, trying to reach the maximum level. Or play in TIME TRIAL mode, to try to finish a (already played) level as fast as possible.

Also you have available some items and power ups to help you in your challenge:

• Bombs!: Destroys all bricks around them. Careful (or not) with chained explosions!
• Clock: Add 10 seconds to the time counter.
• Hammer: Collect and use them to destroy bricks or rocks just touching them!
• Rainbow paint brush: Randomize colors from all bricks.
• Colored paint brush: Set ALL bricks into same color!
• And, for sure, some fruits to increase your points faster.

A tip: The more bricks destroyed in a single movement, the more points into your pocket!

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