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Bucket Fruit

Bucket Fruit

by F Games Studio

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Bucket Fruit - fun, free, catch items game for Kids,preschooler and toddler.
* It helps to you or your child learn to distinguish between different fruits, berries and vegetables.
* Based on visual perception and intuitive perception of items.
* Develop motor skills.

You should catch the falling fruits, berries and vegetables into appropriate bucket by pressing on relevant bucket or nearest arrow.
The game has 3 levels of difficulty: 
* For Beginners:with a constant velocity of falling items.
* Normal: with the accelerating rate of the falling item. 
* Expert: with variable speed and a few items.

- Each level stores its score separately.
- Contains following plants:
* Fruits: apple, pear, orange, banana, pineapple
* Vegetables: cucumber, tomato, zucchini, carrots, peppers
* Berries: blackberry, raspberry, grape.

- The ability to compete with your friends through Google Account.
- The ability to share the result into Google+.
- Supports phones and tablets.

- Tell us about your experience and please rate our app and post a comment.
- If you have any questions, please email us.

Good Luck!

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