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Call Break - Lakdi

23 Sep 2021 Game Of The Day

Call Break - Lakdi

by Pistalix

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  • Call Break - Lakdi
  • Call Break - Lakdi
  • Call Break - Lakdi
  • Call Break - Lakdi
  • Call Break - Lakdi
  • Call Break - Lakdi
  • Call Break - Lakdi

Callbreak is one of the popular and classical card game with amazing new features. Callbreak is also known as ghochi game, Lakadi or Lakdi in India.

Advance Features:
- Intelligent AI bots.
- Easy to play and understand UI.
- Beautiful UI.
- Achievemnets: Shows game stats of game achievements by the player.
- Daily Quest: Daily new quest to make the game more exciting.
- Daily Reward: Get rewards by playing game daily in a row.
- Custom Table: Enables user to select limit of table/coins and number of rounds.
- Lucky Wheel: Try your luck to win upto 1500 coins.
- Player Avtar: There are 4 avatar to choose from for your player id. To choose avtar, click on your profile photo, and then chosse one from the given. You can also choose your own picture from gallery.
- Themes: 5+ card face to select from, 40+ card shirts/backs to select from and more than 5+ game backgrounds to select from.
- History: Shows history of played cards during the round.
- Remaining Cards: List of cards left for the round from the deck.
- Multi-language: Supports Hindi, English and Gujarati languages.
- Scoreboard: Shows score of eah round for the game.
- Facebook Login: Login with facebook to keep track of your game.
- Facebook Invite: Invite your friends to play Call Break and get 10,000 coins for free.

A standard 52 card deck is used to play tricky Callbreak card game. There are 5 rounds in a game. Player's sitting direction & the first dealer is randomly selected before the first round starts. Dealers are changed successively in a anti-clockwise direction for the following rounds. Spades are the trump cards.

In each round, a dealer begins dealing all cards from their right in anti-clockwise direction to all the players without showing any card, to make 13 cards per every player.

In order to get the positive score, in a round all players, starting from the player to dealers right, bid a number of tricks which they must win, otherwise they will get the negative score.

How to Play:
Player must continue playing the same suit, if not able to, then the player must play a trump card, and if that is also not possible then a player may play any card of their will, for each trick. The first try for the player should be to win the trick, means must play higher possible cards.

Any card of any suit is led by player to dealer's right, for the first trick in a round. Each player, in turn plays in an anti-clockwise direction. The winner of each trick leads to the next trick. If spade card is played, then a trick is won by the one who played the highest spade. If no spade card is played, then the trick is won by the one who played the highest card of same suit.

At the end of each round, if player makes same amount of tricks as of bids, then they recieve that amount of scor, if fail to do so, that much amount is deducted. If extra tricks made then an extra 0.1 times one point each is given. After the last round, winner will be declared who wins all games.
For example, Player A made 3 bids(dealer),
Player B made 4 bids,
Player C made 5 bids,
Player D made 2 bids

After the complition of round: If the Player A made 3 tricks, then he get 3 points,
Player B made 3 tricks, then he get -4 points,
Player C made 5 tricks, then he get 5 points,
Player D made 3 tricks, then he get 2.1 points.

Download now Callbreak and invite your friends to play!

Disclaimer: In the Callbreak card game you win or lose coins. The coins have no real cash value. The game does not involve real gambling. It is completely free. If you lose all your free coins, you can watch ad to get more coins to play. Practice or success at social gaming does not imply future success at real money gambling.

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