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Call Break Multiplayer

29 Sep 2016 Game Of The Day

Call Break Multiplayer

by Call Break

  • Call Break Multiplayer

A popular brain teasing trick card game wildly popular in Nepal and some parts of India.

About The Game
Call Break is a Four player card game and played with a single deck of 52 cards. Each player gets 13 cards and game begins with each player calling their possible winnable hands.
Player then plays with a predefined rules and make sure they win more than their called hands.
Game has total of 5 Rounds by standard and player with maximum score at the end of 5 round will be the winner of the game.

Game Variations
Origin of Call Break is not quite known but it's believed its derived form other popular game Called Spades. Every culture have its variations , In western world it's called Spades(although slight variation in rules). In some part of India its called Lakdi / Lakadi.

• Players can play Offline mode with advanced AI bots
• Players can create private rooms to play with their friends over internet
• Can join room with random players all over the world in Multiplayer mode
• Multiple Language support (Currently Nepali and English, Hindi coming soon )
• Reward trophies to each player after game completion based on their performance
• Friend Leader board with Facebook friends

Current Version of Call Break - v.0.9.2 
• Added Minimum 8 bid rule
• Added Minimum One face card rule 
• Advanced Bot AI
• Visual Improvements

• Swipe to throw card added with feature to switch between click and swipe
• Thrown cards are stacked with better understanding of player card
• Fixed audio mute issue
• Added single card auto throw effect

First public released version of Call Break

For more information 
Website: callbreak.org
Email : callbreak.online@gmail.com
Facebook Fan Page : https://www.facebook.com/Online.CallBreak/

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