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Candy Stupig

22 Apr 2018 Game Of The Day

Candy Stupig

by Bored Rabbit

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  • Candy Stupig
  • Candy Stupig

Brand new type of balance challenge game. Use your fingers to balance the Candy, avoid Trappers, Spidor, Flay... to give Stupig what he loves: Candies!
What to expect:
- Unique, simple but challenging gameplay
- Adorable graphics and effects
- 3 stages to explore (and more to be added), with 20 levels each
- A crazy challenge at the last unlocked map (Yes, always!)
- 12 candy types to try
- 12 candy canes to balance
- 12 Stupig's costumes to wear
- More friends to join with Facebook share
- Fun Achievements to unlock

Come and take the challenges! If you're still not sure how good you are at balancing, give this a try. You won't fail so quick.

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