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Cars Vs Ramps!

Cars Vs Ramps!

by creative spartans

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  • Cars Vs Ramps!
  • Cars Vs Ramps!
  • Cars Vs Ramps!

Enjoy this new car jump distance test game by showing your projectile, speed and distance skills using high

speed cars, monster trucks, buggies on big ramps. And the interesting part, you will not know which one will be the fastest to

create the worlds largest jump.

Attain top speed and select a ramp to give the longest or highest jump. You are given the goal at the start follow it and there you are getting tested to attain the highest and longest jump. So can you see which ramp gives the longest jump or which loop ramp gives the highest jump? That’s what you are being tested for in some of the levels

you will be tested with back flip ramps too. In some of the levels you are gonna face different hurdles

like trampolines, speed bumps, giant lava pitch, pot hole, spike traps and even series of mannequins and

dummies crushing glass sheets and so much more.

Key Challenges include:

Which ramp angle gives the highest jump

High speed GT Cars vs Ramps

Car Jump distance test

Which loop ramp gives the longest jump

Off road Cars vs speed bumps

Cars vs trampoline

Which backflip ramp gives the maximum distance

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