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Check It! : Memory Challenge

11 Dec 2016 Game Of The Day

Check It! : Memory Challenge

by Alex Meesters

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  • Check It! : Memory Challenge

****Featured on Product Hunt, Android Central, Reddit, EllenTube, iLead, LaunchDaily, Droidgamers.com, Applify.me, Top-News, Appszoom, Playboard.me, Joderigame.com, and more!****

Designed to be a true test of memory, Check It Memory Challenge was made to put even the smartest minds to the test. Although only 50 levels in length, these 50 levels will test your patience!

The game works in three simple steps, but keep in mind, it is very hard to master!
* Remember all checks you see within 3 seconds
* Tap the checks
* Progress to the next stage

As you progress through the game you will earn coins. These coins will be saved after each game. You can use these coins to buy additional lives to avoid having to start all over. The makers of this game know that you might loose your patience, you might yell at your phone, and you may even throw your phone (the creator, development team and all parties associated are in no way responsible for any of this)

Check It will leave you wanting more!
This game is beatable, but....
can you do it?

Can you Check It!?

Let the competition begin! Share your scores with friends/family on Twitter and Facebook!

New Contest Video: https://youtu.be/FFtZp4UNDu4

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