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Christmas Carol

19 Dec 2023 Game Of The Day

Christmas Carol

by Ciphers Realm

  • Christmas Carol
  • Christmas Carol
  • Christmas Carol

Christmas eve is here. Be the Santa and bring smiles on the children faces.

This game is a family friendly game designed for everyone to be the hero for the kids. Run through the streets of the city and find the kids who are desperately waiting for the Santa and bring the smile on their faces.

The game is a bit tricky as you are bound by the timer to deliver the gifts before the children lose their hope for Santa's arrival. Be the reason for the happiness of the kids and deliver smiles and happiness. Christmas cannot be better than this. Run and Jump through the city to beat the timer and fulfil your duties.

What to expect from this game:

-Excellent game play.
-Realistic graphics and environment.
-Excitement and fun.
-Great gaming experience.
-Designed for all ages.

For more games and experience.

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