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Christmas Escape Little Santa

12 Nov 2022 Game Of The Day

Christmas Escape Little Santa

by Enagames

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  • Christmas Escape Little Santa
  • Christmas Escape Little Santa
  • Christmas Escape Little Santa
  • Christmas Escape Little Santa
  • Christmas Escape Little Santa
  • Christmas Escape Little Santa

A small boy named Calvin was waiting for Santa Claus for past four years to collect the Christmas gifts from him. His father Richard used to tell Santa’s story whenever Calvin was upset. On the Christmas night, Calvin was waiting for the Santa. But Santa never visited nor gifted him.

Being disappointed, Calvin returns back to his home. He was shocked to see that, his house was fully dark without any light. He hurries inside to check all the rooms, and find that all the materials are gone adding to that his father was also missing. After hearing some noise, he runs to the spot and finds one long boots which belong to Santa Claus. He search the house for Santa and ends up with finding Santa’s cart. When he touch the cart, his journey begins.

The Journey of the Little Santa begins and in this adventurous travel, he meets various places & peoples and help them in providing their needs

(So in each five level there will be a sub stories through the travel)

Along with the Christmas adventures, whether Calvin can solve the mystery of the disappearance of his father plays the rest of the story.

Decorate your Christmas tree with the best ornaments and fill your house with gifts for your loved ones. Santa clause is ready to distribute the gift like every year because the snowy Christmas season is near.
Christmas adventure mysteries that will make you feel as if you are inside the snow world or snow land and trying to escape from rooms. It is a combination of different kind of Puzzles which will improve your thinking skills, abilities and boost your memory Power.

Become the master of solving Puzzles, Kill your time in this festive season by solving the addictive riddles of this Xscape game. If you need assistance use the hint and skills to unravel the challenging puzzles and explore the journey towards the different locations around you. If you like a Santa clause game it’s a real gift for you. Santa Christmas are a Perfect game for Puzzle lovers to have a journey towards different kind of rooms. Ready to unlock the secret and escape from the doors, It will train your brain and you get a lot of fun.

It’s holiday time let’s try to prove your brainpower by taking the challenges and share with your friends.

50 Levels Christmas themed games
Numerous Riddling Puzzles are waiting
Step by step hint feature available
Game Localized in 25 major languages
Unique Santa characters and graphics designs
Daily Surprising gifts available
Various Achievements Rewards available
Savable Progress is Enabled

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