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City Mouse Simulator

09 Mar 2017 Game Of The Day

City Mouse Simulator

by Lisa Jeff

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Live the life of a Mouse and Survive in city !!
Do you love animal simulators?Are your ready for a challenging new mouse game?Squeak and squeal with City Mouse Simulator!Become a fugitive mouse – a white mouse surviving in rush city life in search of cheese.Try to survive in the cruel big city with City Mouse Simulator 3D!Run and explore the beautiful environment and beware of crazy cat's claw.Jump over tables in restaurants to steal cheese like a Parkour mouse simulator.Find your mate and live in your small hole with your little family.Protect your cute little babies from squirrels and crazy cats.Fight with evil rats in your area to survive in city.Collect cheese to increase your energy level.

City Mouse Simulator GamePlay:
*Search for Cheese to survive and explore city blocks
*Find other mice to mate and even raise up babies
*Jump over tables like a Parkour mouse and steal cheese
*Beware of cats and humans they are your enemies
*Fight with snakes,Chicks,Squirrels and rats to survive in city

How to Play:
•Walk or run with joystick at left bottom.
•Attack and jump button is at right bottom.
•Follow the instructions given in each quest to complete missions.
•Energy and Time will show at upper left area of the screen.

City Mouse Simulator Features:
Maintain health rate to set up a clan of mouses with this City Mouse Simulator in 3D!Don't forget about your rivals like anaconda snakes and crazy cats.Play as Realistic Mouse Simulatorto steal cheese for your mate and babies in this mouse game.People are eating fries ,meat and other delicious food items and you have steal food for your family.

Explore City life with your mate and babies and fight against dangerous enemies in city.Humans can kill you from thier foot so be careful and fight against snakes,chicks,squirrels and rats.Plenty of fun sounds and visual effects.

Go to your small house and sleep to get babies .build your pack and explore city with your mate and babies.Wander in streets like a boss.

You will play as white mouse but you can unlock brown and block mouse to enjoy their features.Fast and action packed game-play.

Your mouse is free to roam a massive open-world environment that is more than triple the size of the previous simulators!Busy city streets, wide-open parks and white-fenced neighbourhoods.

First time on Play Store City Mouse Simulator with realistic animations.Big city streets, blocks, and roofs filled with predators – cats and eagles.Download City Mouse Simulator 3D and enjoy the life of a realistic mouse that has successfully become a real city animal!

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