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Clash Of Zombies

15 Oct 2021 Game Of The Day

Clash Of Zombies

by Mobiman

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  • Clash Of Zombies
  • Clash Of Zombies


This is an amazing game between Legendary Heroes and Zombie Monsters who are ready to take down Historic Castles and Heroes all over the globe. In this exciting monster defense strategy game, only you can save them.

You have been chosen! You are in for a thrilling game of monster fighting!

You can smash, burn and slash your way to saving the world by taking out fearsome monster after monster. This game is a tightly-constructed, no-nonsense, heroic battle-battle-battle-fun.

LEGENDARY Herous - Various Mighty Heroes are ready to defend the thier castle
EVIL ZOMBIES - Enjoy the thrilling Campaign and defeat the most deadly monsters, zombies and witches!
UPGRADE SKILLS - Transform your skills and heroes into legends that defend castles and the world.
INTENSE BATTLE: 1on1 Against hundreds of LEGENDS and ZOMBIES!
BEAT THE EVIL WORLD OF ZOMBIES - Play more than 100 levels in different worlds, with intense battles and hidden secrets.
SPECIAL EVENTS - Don't miss our special events and new heroes in our periodic updates

You are a new leader who can control and train a group of genetic heroes. You will be the MIGHTY HERO AND CASTLE WARRIOR of the world if you can build a strong team to defeat your zombie enemies.

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