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Colerful brainshtorm

Colerful brainshtorm

by Евгений Хоран

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  • Colerful brainshtorm
  • Colerful brainshtorm
  • Colerful brainshtorm

There is a playing field in front of you, it has 4 squares of different colors. Clicking on the color, it will change to another (yellow to blue ...), or it changes another color (yellow changes blue to pink). Important!!! It does not matter which cell the color is, the color will change and perform its functions regardless of the location.
When you color all cells so that the background color matches the color of the cells. You will pass the level.

Unity and simplicity are the main guarantee for creating a good game - a puzzle. To go through this puzzle game you need to beat your brains, but it's worth it!
In each color a certain combination is hidden, clicking on the beautiful color you change the whole picture. Keeping your composure, remember the combinations and build your own algorithm of actions. A puzzle without separate mechanisms, buttons, details, everything you have, beautiful colors.
Dive into the world of beautiful shades and bright colors that blend into one color. Solve color codes with your own tactics and strategies. In the solution of color schemes, your intuition and experience in guessing riddles and mosaic gatherings will always help you. Only here it is a colored puzzle consisting of colored squares and tiles. Minimalist design corresponds to modern fashion and this palette of colors is always pleasing to the eye. In our color-puzzle you will always have fun to spend your free time. Colorful boxes, so simple that even an experienced gamer can get lost in them. Do not make mistakes in choosing colors, do not look that all the colored boxes are so beautiful. This is not a puzzle, not a mosaic, but you need to collect a single picture of color, using colored squares and their color combinations. The main thing in this game is a puzzle - this is the principle on which all the colored squares change their shade.
Play on boring couples or in line to the doctor, in the park, transport or at bedtime, alone or with a loved one-you will definitely like it!
The main goals of this game are puzzles - to increase attention, to experience stress resistance, to improve memory.
This game is a puzzle, constantly being improved, new colors, levels, modes are added. In addition, the game does not load the phone, weighs very little, it will pull even the oldest device, as well as tablets. Yes! It can be played on tablets, in any orientation.
Play with colors, play with colors, think and develop together with the color puzzle game "Color brainstorming" and your life will become more colorful!

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