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Color Lines Flexible: Bubble Breaker Match 3 Game

26 Jan 2019 Game Of The Day

Color Lines Flexible: Bubble Breaker Match 3 Game

by Silver

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  • Color Lines Flexible: Bubble Breaker Match 3 Game
  • Color Lines Flexible: Bubble Breaker Match 3 Game
  • Color Lines Flexible: Bubble Breaker Match 3 Game
  • Color Lines Flexible: Bubble Breaker Match 3 Game

Ready for a classic-meets-new Match 3 game?

Color Lines Flexible features a classic Match-3 game play with bubble shooting elements reminding of games such as Blocks or Catapult. It is a puzzle-logic-strategy game based on a classic 1992 year computer game "Lines" (or "Lines 98"). If you've been a fan of these games, you'll love this one as well.
Start playing in Normal mode for a simple-paced game play or up it to Nightmare and play incrementally more difficult levels as you advance. Match 5 or more objects of the same color in any direction and try to keep the board clean for as long as you can to score high. Get help by using power-ups and keep advancing through more difficult levels.
You can get a glimpse of the game in action here: https://youtu.be/zQNsnkekkTc
Game features:
◆ Match-3 game play. The goal in Color Lines Flexible is simple, match any 5 objects of the same color to clear the line horizontally/vertically or diagonally. It features a classic game play with new twists.
◆ Multiple game modes. Test your skills in normal play mode or push it to NIGHTMARE. While its controls are dead simple (tap on a object and then on its destination), Nightmare mode introduces obstacles and lots of levels.
◆ Power-ups. As you level-up there will be more stones and less pop combinations, but luckily you also get power-ups in Nightmare mode: teleport objects anywhere, place bombs to destroy blocks or freeze object spawning.
◆ Change icons. By default your board will spawn regular colored balls, but you can freely change those. You can pick exploding ones, birds, sliding, and even Pokemon or cartoon icons.

Features will be adjusted based on user feedback and we’re also working on new features suggested by active players.
✔ You should not just concentrate on one line, sometimes trying to create multiple lines at the same time is a good strategy.
✔ Looking at the positions and the colors the objects will spawn next before you move is a good tactic. In some cases you can undo the last move to change these properties, thus manipulating the game in your own wise way.

Enjoy Color Lines Flexible!!!!
If you have any questions, don't hesitate to contact us. We would love to hear your feedback through any methods (e-mail or simply leave a review/comment on google play).

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/White-Silver-224933341764513

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