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Lonely stickman: Endless dream

start a point and click adventure with mr. trump. solve the endless dream puzzle


Dream, the most mysterious, the most incredible and the most wonderful experience. In the dream, you are completely  free, you will experience an amazing journey. on the other hand, you are completely alone. there is no one can help. You can only rely on yourself.  In the dream,when you fired at yourself with a gun. you will not die. maybe you will be awakened. maybe you will be lost in dream forever.


Lonely stickman: Endless dream is am amazing puzzle game about dream. the main character mr.trump is a stickman with a troll face. but It's not another troll face quest story mode hilarious game, it tells a sad and lonely story. he was lost in the dream. Please help this poor stickman starting the adventure, solving brain challenge puzzles and saving him out of the dream.


Lonely stickman: Endless dream is not a hilarious game,  there are not crazy trolls, just only yourself. and there are not many  items to use. just a gun, a rope and a paddle. The gun is not for killing or revenge. when you are trapped in the puzzle, try to shot yourself with the gun. now the magic happens, you will not be killed actually. It will make everything restart from the beginning, The previous you or even more than ever before will survive, repeat their journey. A little dark humor, This is the core gameplay of Lonely stickman: Endless dream. This is a lonely and sad story. no one can help but yourself, or the shadow of yourself in the previous dream. Even worse,when you have nothing to help, the only solution is to kill yourself with a gun. This is not dark humor. this is the journey of mr.trump.


Features of Lonely stickman:

- Well-designed brain challenge puzzles. 

- very few Items and few person but build complex puzzles.

- Lonely atmosphere and music.

- a click and point puzzle game.

- enjoy this 2 hours adventure

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