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What Kills US:Death Run


A cut-rope style game with hilariously bleak sense of humor. including sound and physical gameplay


Life always pulverize you. there is 3 kind of person in this What Kills US:Death Escape.


For average person. they are afraid of death. they run away from danger and try to escape when he hears it.

For person with headphone. they pretend there is no danger. When the average runs he also walks slowly away. with a very slow speed.

For Nerd Guy. they try to outsmart from the danger by moving under a shelter. try to avoid been killed.

But at last, all of them were bloody crushed and chopped. This is life, there is aways something you can never escape.


"What Kills US:Death Run" is a small puzzle game including cut rope, physical and sound gameplay. Your goal is to kill all of the persons in the current level. it’s not easy, they will try to escape. Timing is the key.


This is really A very rigid and bloody game

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