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Crazy Bike Traffic Racing

Crazy Bike Traffic Racing

by Hatcom Top

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  • Crazy Bike Traffic Racing
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  • Crazy Bike Traffic Racing
  • Crazy Bike Traffic Racing
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  • Crazy Bike Traffic Racing
  • Crazy Bike Traffic Racing

Crazy Bike Traffic Racer Feel the thrill of authentic racing action in Ultra Moto atv quad bike racing today! The most vibrant, super-charged moto Crazy Bike Traffic Racer game you've ever seen. Extreme quad bikes on a dusty trail racing through mountains, hills, desert and the highway. Try to get as far as possible. Control your bikes with an incredible fast turbo speed during city traffic rush time! In this high velocity Moto Quad off-road racing game you need to dodge cars and trucks to drive further and earn more money make more scores, these coins will allow you to buy new and improved Quads bikes. And with score compete other crazy drivers on Google leader board and Google play services and become a champion!
The real off-road Crazy Bike Traffic Racer with extremely high quality graphics with beautiful surrounding graphical environments. Enjoy the amazing advanced real physics and fast-paced game play in this high speed off-road Bike racing adventurous. Test your determination, reflex and driving skills and have extreme fun on high speed in Crazy Bike Traffic Racer simulator. Complete it successful with best time and you will be king of the road.
Crazy Bike Traffic Racer Highway stunt rider is a combination of daredevil stunts, fast bike race and crazy drive on unique city tracks. An extreme physics based motorcycle game where you can and enjoy fast speed motorcycle race in dangerous stunt zone.
So it’s Time to Grab the handles, brace yourself-and dash off at a furious pace!
But there is a catch: enjoy the craze with resourcefulness that’ll keep you coming back for more. Every stunt and race earns you free coins. Use them wisely to unlock the rarest racing bikes in order to become the next biking champion.

Key Features:
Smooth and realistic tilt and steer control.
Real Motorcycle Physics.
Stunning city 3d graphics.
Heavy Duty Sport Bike.
Elegant sound effect.
Collect Power Up.
Thrilling Ride.
Unlock new Vehicles.
Loads of sports bike to unlock
Realistic driving experience.
Multiple camera view.
No Rules.
Fast-paced two-wheeler racing action
Avoid traffic.

How to play:
Select your desired control from tilt and tap.
Tap acceleration to boost your speed.
Tap break to slowdown or stop.
Follow Map which showing on screen to guide you.

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