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Crushing Things with Cars!

Crushing Things with Cars!

by creative spartans

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  • Crushing Things with Cars!
  • Crushing Things with Cars!
  • Crushing Things with Cars!

Enjoy Giant Machines crushing small things followed by crazy crashes & smashes

This game has amazing post apocalypse cars with saw blade wheels crushing crunchy & soft things and one large object ending up in crazy crash compilations and oddly satisfying triggers.

Amazing eye catching terrains starting with earthy off roads including wonderful bumpy tracks like off road mountain tracks, high speed slippery snow tracks leading to moon with tricky terrain having pot holes leading to planet mars terrain with high speed bumps and different gravity stunts that will tingle your dingle and so much more you never tried with a ride before.

Wonderful off road tracks with different G-force values and bending physics, like slow speed jumps manipulations and freaky obstacles like blades, wavering chains, rotating blades, hitting hammers and so much more


Key Features Include:

Realistic High Speed Crashes compilation on way due to slippery roads with slopes

Amazing drift and accident simulations with realistic car deformations & wrecking animations

Monster trucks having their wheels smash hard objects and different cars crushing things with car tyres or blades on side.

Saw blades on wheels crunching objects including crunchy and soft things in a satisfying way for ASMR Triggers

Smashing & Crushing objects with the wheel blades

Off road cars vs massive speed bumps which can be even upside down at times

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