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Cut In Half

25 Aug 2023 Game Of The Day

Cut In Half

by Logcat Games

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  • Cut In Half
  • Cut In Half
  • Cut In Half

Use your sense of proximity and divide cute illustrations into perfect equals. With the exact % you will know how good (or bad) you are. With practice comes perfection!

The rules are simple: divide pizza, bacon, unicorns and other crazy objects into two equal parts using your finger! It's llike a puzzle, but better!

Recieve stars for shapes split with the accuracy of more than 40%/60%. Recieve adorable crowns for a perfect cut for even more challenges, like rotating and moving objects, wow!

Play Endless Mode for a fast paced version of the game that never ends, and see how many shapes you can divide accuratly without making one mistake.

This game can be played with only one hand anywhere at anytime!

Logcat Games
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Twitter : http://twitter.com/logcatgames

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