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Daddy Pink Cow! Scary Survival Update

Daddy Pink Cow! Scary Survival Update

by creative spartans

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  • Daddy Pink Cow! Scary Survival Update
  • Daddy Pink Cow! Scary Survival Update
  • Daddy Pink Cow! Scary Survival Update

Welcome to this ominous survival & mix monster daddy chase escape game. Get ready for a cringy scary story with the most creepy things & scary grimace faced pink cow this spooky season! A suspenseful adrenaline-pumping scary journey with spine-chilling levels in this new horror escape game with jump scares and stealth mechanics "Escape the daddy Pink Cow," this ultimate monster hunter horror escape & chase monster survival game with a ominous creepy story will terrify & cringe you!
It used to be a happy garten farm once but now a place for horror beast party ,the secret curse changed everything and turned all the domestic cattle into rainbow mix monsters, the cow turned into a purple grimace faced evil daddy pink cow monster with pink hair and a creepy face, the daddy also cursed other animals into dark furry goats, hens, pink hairy bird monsters, blue monkeys, rainbow insects, dread head mushrooms and super snails into something evil, demonic, creepy and scary with grimace expressions. You need to escape & survive different scary & creepy events & mixed monster animals as you navigate intricate maze puzzles while being relentlessly pursued by a malevolent cursed daddy pink cow with a grimace smile on her face. It will surely be a jump scare experience.
At the end of each level collect a mystery secret object followed by pressing a scary button that will take you to Shafay, Fizza, Rameen & Ali who will help in removing the curse from the cow & the whole farm animals. Can you outwit this eerie adversary and break free from its haunting grasp & demonic possession?
Avoid the wars and fights with cursed animals and just escape the terror for survival. Also uncover the secrets behind the super scary & creepy stories of the cursed pink cow's sinister presence while clearing through a series of hair-raising and goosebumps-giving levels. Each level presents unique colorful monsters, forcing you to strategize your escape through maze puzzle. Finish all the levels and collect keys to remove the curse of the pink cow and let the mix monster animals turn back into normal ones and give this happy farm its life back. An escape & survival horror game with twisted ending and at times funny as well

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