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Dad's Home Little Helper

Dad's Home Little Helper

by GameiMake

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  • Dad's Home Little Helper
  • Dad's Home Little Helper
  • Dad's Home Little Helper
  • Dad's Home Little Helper
  • Dad's Home Little Helper

Hey Guys!! Gameimake has come up with another fantastic game "Dad's Home Little Helper". We have included so many activities which we randomly face in our homes. In this game, dad's little boy helps him around the house with his tool kit. Through this game we want to educate your kids to teach some home activities they need to deal with when dad is not at home.

In this game, there's a little boy Sam who likes to help around the house when his dad is not at home. Sam and his tool kit are always ready to help. There are various things these kids need to fix like to feel air in the car and fix the garage lights, wall construction, wooden fence repairing, fixing the tree house stairs, lamp wire repairing, water leakage from tap, wall painting, fixing the swimming pool, music box repairing and also he needs to repair the bedroom which is totally messed up. Sam tore his sister's dress by mistake so he has to repair it before her sister knows about it. Then he needs to fix the frame on the wall and need to take immediate action on the kitchen fire.

Parents, you need to give this amazing kids game to your children so they will learn some essential activities they need to perform in the near future. Have fun in performing each and every task with this little boy Sam. Kids will enjoy it thoroughly.

Key Feature:

- Kids will learn some home activities
- Repair and Fix so many things in the house
- Amazing sound and animation
- Number activities with so much fun
- Learn what to do in case of fire
- Educational game for kids

=> Give this amazing game to your children and get them ready for repairing or fixing any kind of issue in the house.

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