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Day Up

Day Up

by DayMoon600

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Day Up is an arcade game where you've got to help a sheep move vertically around a level without crashing into anything. To do that you've got to pay attention to your surroundings and get around every obstacle – all with the help of a shield.

Controlling your sheep in Day Up is very simple, as the movement happens automatically. You just have to intervene by tapping the shield and thereby move in any direction in space to deflect the things that are trying to intercept you.

As you move ahead through each of the levels, it gets harder not to be hit by one of the many elements. Likewise, you've got to destroy certain chains of geometric bodies so that the sheep can move ahead without being knocked down.

Day Up is a game with simple graphics and an addictive gameplay where you have to anticipate what's coming next so you can break all the obstacles with your shield. Only like that can you ensure your sheep isn't intercepted by anything – not to mention add loads of points and show off your chops.

Game Features:
- Protect character with the round guard
- Touch and drag to move the guard
- Don’t have to put your finger on guard
- It can be controlled any where on screen

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