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Deep sea: Subfighter

Deep sea: Subfighter

by FreneticGamez

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  • Deep sea: Subfighter
  • Deep sea: Subfighter
  • Deep sea: Subfighter
  • Deep sea: Subfighter

Navigate the deep sea with your submarine and collect doubloons while you must avoid incoming missiles and sink bombs.

You need the doubloons to upgrade your submarine, or buy shield and magnet.

There are 2 game modes, Free dive and Campaign.

In Free dive the main goal is to reach as far you can, but its a good idea to collect so many doubloons you can and complete missions so you can upgrade your sub.

In Campaign you need to survive a certain distance before there is a boss fight, if you defeat the boss you move on to the next level.....there are 30 levels waiting for you.


* Submarines
* Missiles
* Upgrades
* Missions
* Fun for all ages
* A exclusive "Goldie sub"

So dive right in and collect the doubloons and send those bosses to their watery grave.....Captain!

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