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Detect The Precious Statue

Detect The Precious Statue

by bestescapegames

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  • Detect The Precious Statue
  • Detect The Precious Statue

Detect The Precious Statue is a point and click type game developed by BestEscapeGames.
In London, an archaeologist name John is looking a treasure for a long time that belongs to his nation.
When John visited Italy for his research, there he got a permit to enter an old Laurentian Library.
There he found an old book regarding his treasure and also the location to seek out the sculpture. John
went to the location mentioned in the book and saw a stunning palace once a royal manor in Italy now its
an exhibition place for the showcase with minimum security. John found a way to getting into the palace
after the visiting time closed. John entered into the palace and now he has to find the statue with the
hint given in the old book to return back the lost treasure to his nation.

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