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Diamond Dash

Diamond Dash

by WATeam

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Welcome to Diamond Dash - new funny, interesting and exciting arcade game!

Meet nice monsters who live in Diamond land. They love picking nice and shiny things, and each of them has his favorite items. Your goal is to guide them and collect as much diamonds as you can. However this is not an easy task: the road is full of dangers, sudden turns and steeps.

The rules are simple: make a tap at the right time for jumping and turning, react quickly and help your monster dash through all the obstacles. Relax for a second and your adventure will come to the end.

Choose your favorite monster and guide him through the hardships. But the game doesn’t end here: you can compete not only with yourself, but with the whole world! Set your records, improve them, break the records of your friends! Fight for the first place: show everyone who has the fastest reaction and quickest fingers!

Diamond Dash is perfect for funny, interesting pastime. Collect diamonds together with little monsters, buy new characters and add all of them to your team! But be careful with this game - it's really addictive! Dash, jump and turn to overcome all the difficulties on your way!

Why you need to download Diamond Dash game:
- Meet 4 unique monster characters, they will share your exciting adventure
- Enjoy totally new funny maps with interesting design 
- Try your strength in two difficulty levels: easy (arcade) and hard, really challenging!
- Check Google play Game Leaderboard and the whole bunch of achievements  
- New Content Coming Soon!

If you enjoy arcade style, you'll definitely love each nice monster, be sure to download the Diamond Dash game now!

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