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Dima rescues Ira

22 Jan 2018 Game Of The Day

Dima rescues Ira

by Starodymov

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  • Dima rescues Ira
  • Dima rescues Ira
  • Dima rescues Ira

Once upon Dima and Ira. Once Dmitry Starodymov and Ira Starodymova settled in the tourist lodge to the next day to explore the ancient castle and its surroundings, but the plan was not supposed to happen.
At night, Dima is located in a warm house, Ira drank tea on the porch. Well, in short-il was kidnapped and taken to the castle. Dima is necessary as soon as possible to find Ira and save her from the hands of dangerous villains.
Beautiful graphics and music immerse you into the fairy tale wonderland.
A lot of different puzzles and mini-games await you.
Collect the items, combine them to get new items.
The game will appeal to those who love detective stories and search for items.
On the way you will meet different characters, good and evil. You have to help them, so they suggested and helped you with search of your favorite girls. For example, you will see the evil wolf, colored magician in a cage, the dwarf gnome who needs your help, and some other.
This is the second best game from the developer, Dmitry Starodymova. Incidentally this is the only game where the developer has introduced himself in the game, and where each player can play this game by the developer. Also in this game you will be able to see his wife for Er developer.
The game is free.

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