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05 Dec 2020 Game Of The Day


by app affairs GmbH.

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  • Dings!

Tired of learning Maths and German the boring way?

Now it's engaging and fun! With DINGS you can play anytime, anywhere! This endless runner game will get your German and Maths skills up and running. DINGS will challenge the user to solve enigmas on-the-fly while playing a dynamic endless running game with obstacles and prizes.

Enough with the painful learning process! Now it's time to learn while having a great time!

- Endless running game with obstacles, coins and questions to boost your knowledge!
- Free to play for a limited amount of levels
- Statistics of correct and wrong answers ratio per lesson, this gives the player an overview of which lessons needs more learni... ugh... I mean... Playing!
- No internet connection required, play it safe and anywhere!
- All levels have customisable difficulty
- More than 20 avatars to be unlocked with coins collected in the game
- Different landscapes that are unlocked with correct answers in the game

*When buying the full version of the game you'll win access to all available levels:
- More than 50 Math Levels, including operations such as sum, subtraction, division, multiplication, comparison and more!
- More than 10 German Levels which will help you practice hearing skills, articles and the Alphabet.
- Unlimited access to all levels we'll add in future updates!

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