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Don't Vapid Up

06 Jul 2016 Game Of The Day

Don't Vapid Up

by iGeniusDev

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  • Don't Vapid Up
  • Don't Vapid Up
  • Don't Vapid Up
  • Don't Vapid Up
  • Don't Vapid Up

This game could damage your mind and intelligence.

Game is too simple but its hurt your peace mind while you look and start to play game.
if you want to punish your mind and want to make it more sharp like a niddle,Then you must try once
and beat your old score and also involve your friends mind too

Rule are simple like eating chocolate

I will tell you 'TAP' and you have to follow my order and hit the screen.
Sometimes I will tell you 'Wait' you have to obey text information.
If you don't, then you loose the game..

Just go far as you can...

Beat your top score,share your score in your circle

.....What are you waiting for? Download this Game NOW!.....

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