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Draw Bridge: Save Penguin

16 Mar 2023 Game Of The Day

Draw Bridge: Save Penguin

by AngryPanda

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  • Draw Bridge: Save Penguin
  • Draw Bridge: Save Penguin
  • Draw Bridge: Save Penguin
  • Draw Bridge: Save Penguin

Feeling bored? Try Draw bridge, a draw bridge game where your task is to save penguin by solving draw bridge puzzle and make it reach the goal post.

If you are a fan of drawing games you have to come to the right place. Welcome to the best draw line game for both kids and adults.

Draw bridge: Save Penguin, is a draw bridge offline game with over 35 unique different levels to go through. In this draw wale game you have to draw the line to take the jerky little penguin to the finish point, the balloon.

When you start our drawing game you will be welcomed by a tutorial on how to play our game with a simple yet intuitive draw bridge control.

✌🏼 Our game motto is simple:
Simple control to master
Unique draw bridge puzzle mechanics
Players to enjoy draw bridge offline

If you are tired of save the dog, save the doge, save the dog 2, save the dog game, you should try draw bridge save penguin game, because we offer no useless game progression tactics or unnecessary ways to spend in game or real currency in game.

The trend of save the dog, save the doge, save the dog 2, save the dog game is a thing of the past 2022. In 2023 we would be coming out of these cats vs dogs debate and try more pet save games offline.

😯 Coming up next in the game:
More challenging drawing puzzle levels in our draw bridge game
More skins to unlock for our little save penguin as you play drawing wale game

🔑 Why Draw bridge offline:
If you are annoyed by the ads, just turn off the internet access for your device and enjoy our draw bridge offline without any ads interruption.

❓How to play draw bridge save penguin, draw bridge puzzle game:

- Simply touch the screen and start drawing the shape you want in our drawing wale game
- Unlimited amount of draw for making it easy to pass the draw bridge puzzle game
- Once you are done, just release your finger to save penguin and watch it rush towards the goal and complete the draw bridge puzzle level and move on the next one.

🫵 Achievements:
You can be the next draw bridge puzzle champion, by completing the puzzles in the shortest span of time and who knows we might have a surprise when you finish the draw bridge offline.

Download the latest new trend of draw bridge and save penguin in a cute 2D platformer puzzle game. Leave your feedback about our drawing wale game and let us know how we can improve the player’s experience with time. Thanks!

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